od: /ɒd/ A hypothetical field of energy that pervades all living (and unliving) matter, proposed by Baron Karl von Reichenbach in the 1840s. Reichenbach used photography to prove the existence of od. At Od Review, we’re on the same mission.

The format is simple. We ask for six images—one to be used as a feature image and the other five to be discussed in the feature itself. How the artist engages with those images is entirely up to her or him. Some of our photographers have described their mechanical and psychological processes, some have extracted entries from travel journals. If you don’t feel comfortable writing about your work, we will happily pair it with an outside piece—a poem, a story, a strange nineteenth century text about people who glow . . .

Mostly, we want the experience to be creative and enjoyable, which has been the ethos at 21st Editions for the past eighteen years.


Submissions are free. Click here for guidelines.

For inquiries, please contact: editor@theodreview.com